We provide teacher training courses for Erasmus+ in the city of Barcelona

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Kellie Sands


After the course I really feel I can add more ICT tools in my lessons. The course was excellent and I loved the warmth from the teachers!

Kristine Murniece


The trainers supported all the students to do their best, I felt free and confident. The course atmosphere was so good, mixing theoretical inputs with exciting practical works.

Adriana Giancomo


The training was well balanced in practical and theoretic activities. The trainer teaching style was fantastic, she was involving us in a soft way not pushing the learners. I will definitely try to improve my teaching as a facilitator.

Pio Rubbino


The contents were clear and complete, I liked the organization of the course.

Siobhan Morrow


What I liked best was being active in our learning. The trainers were very positive and energetic and very clear and patience. I’m really looking forward to use all the tools in my daily teaching, now I feel confident enough!

Stefania Colaccino


After the course I will boost my ability to use more than one learning strategy and I will leave behind my judgment on the students.

Marija Rikite


The trainer was really helpful, friendly and competent about the topic.

Robert Dinsmore


I loved the relaxed atmosphere and fun activities. Everything that I have learned this week can be translated directly to the classroom. I will focus on more emotional stimuli in my lessons. Thanks for a most enjoyable and informative week!

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