Barcelona: an Inspiring city!


Barcelona In Motion: all our workshops have been designed and will take place in Barcelona, a dynamic city and a perfect place to combine work, learning and leisure time. 


Barcelona Inspires: a special light which inspired Picasso, Gaudí or Miró, a Mediterranean lifestyle, meeting point of civilizations and cultures with a huge historical heritage where you can feel the creativity in every single corner, in every single dish. 


Barcelona Innovation: always looking forward and ready for the challenges, a city that has reinvented itself many times along the history and fosters the talent in a growing start-up and pioneer tech industry and where new education trends have always been ahead.

Barcelona International: the most cosmopolitan Spanish city is always ready for visitors from all over the world searching for authentic experiences. From the worldwide known football club to the stunning modernist architecture, from the most picturesque tavern of the fisherman neighborhood of Barceloneta to the most sophisticated and internationally known Michelin star restaurants. 

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Barcelona In&Out!