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Teacher Training Courses

ka1 staff mobility projects


Are you a teacher and you want to improve your teaching task abroad?

If  you...

> Need more

educational resources

Get extra views to support student teaching and increase their success and enjoyment.

> Want to be creative

and innovative

Adopt innovation in education and help building creativity and better abilities to solve problems.

> Want to keep your class interesting and engage your students

Get all your students focused, eager and on task.

> Want to generate change in your school

Transform your school by empowering its environment and move the staff beyond the classroom walls.

> Feel stressed and

with lack of time

Respond to your student’s needs while simultaneously meet the various demands of your organization.

> Want to exchange experiences with other teachers

Meet a community of teachers to feel supported and to share experiences.

> Would like to be inspired by Barcelona

Find the right environment for school staffs from all over Europe and get the opportunity to visit this inspiring Mediterranean city.


How do we do it?

Our holistic, multidisciplinary, proactive and passionate nature leads us to work in depth on each one of the teacher groups we have, taking their needs and interests as a starter and giving them support through our “The magnificent 7” method:

1/ Building self-trust

By setting goals, taking risks and meeting challenges you will further enhance your self-confidence.

2/ Empowering

Take more control of your teaching task and become stronger and more independent in order to move your ideas into actions.

3/ Setting Learning environments

Build different learning opportunities, responding to all styles of students and get the guidelines to set flexible learning environments

4/ Dealing with Change Management

Learn how to lead your team to a change by involving them in the whole process of planning change.

5/ Busting Co-creation

Practice blending ideas from different visions thus getting an expanded collection of your own ideas.

6/ Planning and time managing

Get the sense of direction and motivate yourself to complete assignments on time and leaving stress aside.

7/ Creating synergies

Meet with an international teachers group and share common problems together. Also learn by being taught by them.


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